I’ve been in the sport of professional wakeboarding for over sixteen years. What a ride it’s been! I’ve been blessed to travel the world and, with some hard work, accumulate World, US Masters, US Pro Tour, and X-Game titles. But the highlight of my career hasn’t been the trophies; it’s been the relationships I’ve developed with those in the water sports industry, especially with fellow competitors.

In the world of wakeboarding, it’s no secret that I’m a Christian. My greatest passion is to share God’s love with all I meet and help my peers grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. I want to make His love known and light a fire in others to know Him too.

You may wonder why I have such a passion about sharing my faith, why I’m eager to help others know God as I am learning to know Him. It’s because He is just so good. His goodness is overwhelming. He gives what no trophy, paycheck, or earthly title can give. He fills His children to overflowing. He’s filled me.

Every day, in good times and bad, I experience peace, hope, joy, love, contentment, and purpose. I want others to have these things for themselves. People don’t have to strive in this world to find their place. They already have a place—it’s in Christ. They don’t have to fight to be recognized and applauded—they are already known by the Creator of this universe, and He is pleased.

I’ve been a Christian since I was a young child, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen years old that I decided to take a public stand for my faith. This commitment started with an interview in Waterski Magazine, where I told the water sports world that I was a believer in Jesus. At that moment, I realized there was no turning back. Making such a public statement meant that I had to be 100 percent committed. No longer could I just go to church and sit on a pew; I had to be a living example of what it means to be a Christian. I wanted to be a voice for God. That decision changed my life.

First, it led me to guard the way I live. Even as a teen, I knew professing to be a Christian would put me under a microscope. People would be watching how I reacted to situations and people. Therefore, I had a responsibility to honor God with my choices. It’s kind of like when you say you’re a vegetarian. Everyone watches to see if you eat meat! I held this responsibility in high regard. I wanted to live in a way that drew people to God, not pushed them away. A life with Jesus is exciting, fulfilling, and purpose-filled. I wanted to show that. I certainly never wanted to lead anyone astray because of a negative word or deed.