One visit with an incarcerated friend in 2013 opened the eyes of Victorious Living founder, Kristi Overton Johnson, to the hopelessness of life behind bars. It also birthed in her a desire to deliver hope to the souls of incarcerated men and women through prison outreach. 

Soon after, God opened doors for Victorious Living magazine to be distributed in the prison system. He then led Kristi and the VL team onto prison yards to share His message of hope in person and, more recently, digitally through prison tablets. Before that prison encounter, Kristi had spent 35 years water-skiing competitively worldwide, never considering those who had lost their freedom. But God had a plan for this world champion water-skier to go behind bars to encourage hearts with God’s love and His message of redemption and to equip people to get up and experience victorious living for themselves. 

Since 2013, Victorious Living magazine and prison ministry have impacted the lives of many behind bars. Over one million incarcerated persons have heard the Gospel of Jesus through our bilingual magazine, over three million incarcerated persons have been discipled through bilingual correspondence and digital broadcasts, and our team has provided our I-Fam (incarcerated family) and their family members pastoral care and reentry support….and the story is still being written.

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