When I hear about who my husband used to be, I can’t even imagine it. He is so far removed from that person now, there’s not a trace of him to be found.

When I first met Adam in Fort Worth, Texas, he was already living a redeemed life through his relationship with Jesus Christ. I never met the old Adam. God had already touched his heart, and because Adam was faithful to God’s love, his life reflected the very image of God.

Adam has said he may seem effeminate at times, but I disagree. When I look at my husband, I see a manly man of God. When he dances, I see power mixed with grace. He is a kind man who loves God and lovingly leads and protects others. He is a man who loves me, his wife, as Christ loved the church. If masculinity is anything other than these things, I don’t want it.

Some people wonder if I’m concerned about Adam’s past choice of homosexuality. I’m not. Adam and I are both faithful to building our relationship on the love of God. Therefore, I am certain that, as we continually seek God with our whole hearts, we both will be drawn closer to God—and ultimately closer to each other. It’s kind of like a triangle: God is at the top, and Adam and I are at the corners. As we continue down a path toward God, we can’t help but come together in Him. It’s the only way any marriage can grow in strength and survive the temptations of this world. Christ is the only sure foundation.

Of course, I’ve battled fear, and Adam has as well. But we give those fears to God. We refuse to give them place in our lives. They are lies of the enemy. Instead, we keep our eyes and hearts focused on God and trust Him to handle even the most intimate details of our lives.

He is a good, faithful Father who will give us the desires of our hearts. And we desire to live a marriage that honors God in every way.

Written by Ashley

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalh