The sweet spot. That place where everything comes together in one accord.

As a professional athlete for almost three decades, I know the difference between performing in the sweet spot and the…well, not so sweet spot. One is a place of confidence and finesse, the other, a place of doubt and struggle.

I was water skiing competitively by age five. For years, I sought the sweet spot…the perfect combination of the boat’s power, my equipment, foot placement, body weight, body movement, and mental focus.

Oh, how sweet it was when I found the sweet spot! It led to world titles and world records—but most importantly, it led to peace, excitement, and adventure. Those seasons in the sweet spot were times of great confidence. There was no fear of the competition or the conditions and no fear of what might happen when I stepped off the safety of the dock and took to the water.

I remember experiencing the peace of the sweet spot at an event in Austria years ago. It was my turn to compete. The competition was fierce, and the conditions weren’t so great, but even amid the challenges, I had peace and confidence. I wasn’t afraid.

I had long wrestled with fear. Fear of falling. Fear of not being perfect. Fear of disappointing someone—anyone. But in that moment in Austria, I had no fear. Somehow in the depths of my soul, I just knew I was ready. I knew that no matter what, I would perform well and be victorious. Nothing could steal my excitement that day to do what I was gifted to do.

I don’t mean to sound boastful. I’m just still so amazed at the peace I had in that moment. I’d been in the same situation hundreds of times before, but fear, anxiety, and “what if” scenarios had always occupied my mind. But there, on that dock, in that season, it was different. I was actually looking forward to the ride—and when I was out on the water, I enjoyed it.

Did you know that there is a sweet spot in life, too? It’s found in Christ. In Him, you can experience a sweet peace in life, no matter where you are. In Christ, you can have confidence to step off the dock of life without fear because you know that He will be with you. His grace, provision, and strength will empower you to do what He’s called you to do. It took years, but I’m finally learning to live in that sweet spot in Christ.

Even as a Christian and ministry leader, I’ve experienced struggle, exhaustion, and anxiety. As a performer and perfectionist, I’ve fought the notion that I have to work hard to make things happen for God. I’ve been overcommitted, exhausted, and overwhelmed with a sense that I could never do quite enough.

It all came to a head one day. I’d been working hard for God, charging ahead with a heart to do good things for Him as a mother, wife, ministry leader, and athlete. But the work seemed never ending and the load too heavy to bear. One day, sitting out on my dock, I asked God why His way was so hard. Immediately I saw a picture in my mind. There I was, grasping the controls of a ski boat while simultaneously hanging my leg out the side of the boat and trying to ski! It was quite comical.