Every sport has them—young athletes who rise to the top with such power and grace that it boggles the mind. In the sport of water skiing, Anna Gay (18) and Neilly Ross (16) are two such athletes. Already, these teens have each been crowned World Champions and have won every major water-skiing title in the trick event, an on-water version of gymnastics.

In 2015, the water-ski community was put on notice that there were some new kids on the block when Anna, at the age of 15, won the 2015 World Championships in Mexico, while Neilly, then 14, captured the silver. At the most recent 2017 World Championships in France, Neilly came home with the gold. The two have traded the number one world ranking position back and forth, each pushing the other and their competitors to new heights.

But more impressive than their accomplishments on the water is their character. These two aren’t just beautiful faces with amazing talents to water ski; they are beautiful to the core. From the top of the podium, they exemplify their faith by reflecting a spirit of humility, perseverance, kindness, joy, peace, and purity. They are strong in faith, wise beyond their years, and willing to take a stand when the rest of the world settles for conformity. They have courageously chosen the road less traveled, though very few share the same faith as them.

When asked if they’d like to share their faith in Victorious Living, they immediately responded, “Yes!” Even after I explained to them the possibility of judgment and criticism from others who don’t share their faith, they were still committed and excited to share their faith stories. In a moment you’ll see why. These two champions have discovered the one thing in life that can truly bring joy, worth, peace, and purpose. And it isn’t world titles, world records, money, or fame.