For years, I prayed for God to use me in a special way to change hearts and win souls for His glory. I sang in the choir, worked in the nursery, and taught toddlers on Wednesday nights, but I still questioned my purpose. Was I really making a difference? Was I really being faithful to what God wanted me to do?

I doubted myself at every turn, and I allowed Satan to convince me that I could never do enough in the eyes of the Lord. In my mind, my works were small in comparison to what others were doing for Him. I continued serving faithfully, yet I never felt fulfilled. Deep in my heart, I yearned to do more.

Finally, through prayer, daily Bible study, and gaining wisdom through my mentors, God showed me that it isn’t the size of my works but my how faithful I am in doing whatever He sets before me that pleases Him. I remember a dear friend saying, “Tracy, show God you can do the little things, and in His timing, He’ll give you the bigger things.”

Sounds like Luke 16:10, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much” (NIV).

God taught me that little things do matter. They prepare us for the bigger things…yet I don’t know if we’re ever fully prepared. That’s where faith comes in.

The time came for God to trust me with more. When He revealed His purpose for me, boy, did I not feel prepared! I should be happy right? Be careful what you ask for.

My daddy had passed away just a couple of months prior to the profound night when the Lord made my purpose known. I was rocking my precious daughter to sleep and having my prayer time. Suddenly, I was overcome with emotion. Filled with excitement and fear, I shook all over. It was a moment like no other.

There are times in life when you just know God is speaking to you. He speaks through different means to different people. In my case, the Holy Spirit placed a thought in my mind, a feeling in my heart, and an urgency in my soul. God wanted me to share the testimony of my daddy’s battle with addiction. He wanted me to share intimate details about my incredibly dysfunctional family—but most importantly, how He worked through all of that for our good. The Lord was very clear in that He wanted me to share it all in a book.

A book?!  I’m a nurse of over twenty years. I don’t write books. I don’t even like to read, truth be told. Maybe God had stopped at the wrong house that night