This past April, I stopped by my local post office to pick up the mail. I bumped into another long-time resident of my community, Tom Smith. After a friendly hug and some small talk, he asked me for a date. This encounter caught me completely off guard. I had not even thought about dating since my husband, Steve, passed seven years ago.

I accepted Tom’s invitation, and we met at a local café. We stepped into the dating scene as senior adults but felt like high school kids. It was so refreshing to discuss our families and the many challenges we’d had as our spouses underwent medical treatments and all the things that come with being cancer patients. (Like Steve, Tom’s wife, Ingrid, entered her heavenly home after a battle with cancer.)

Tom and Ingrid were married for over 53 years. Steve and I were married almost 43. We both were very blessed to have faithful spouses by our sides as we walked through life.

Our relationship quickly blossomed, and we realized that we were in love. Like any couple, we encountered some challenges, but sorting through those challenges drew us closer to the Lord as we sought His wisdom. We both knew our being together was God’s divine plan, and we trusted Him to sort out and lead us through anything that came against it.

Psalm 37:23 says, “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

I sought the Lord’s will daily, and He assured me that not only was He ordering my steps, but my stops as well–like that life-changing stop at the post office! My only responsibility was to trust His leading and rely on His promises.

Soon Tom and I were discussing upcoming wedding plans, and he made this statement: “We are getting it right again.” I couldn’t agree more! Our friend Tracey put these words on a chalkboard at our wedding:

Getting it right again–

As the sun sets on a beautiful chapter in our lives,

The sun rises with our beautiful new beginning.

On July 15, 2018, Tom and I said, “I do,” and stepped into God’s wonderful covenant of marriage. We enjoyed our honeymoon in Sky Valley, Georgia, and went white water rafting. We found ourselves going down a level 4 rapids with a group of teens from a youth group from San Antonio, Texas. They were shocked to learn we were newlyweds. We encouraged them with our story of God’s beautiful intervention in our lives.

Many of you might be in a season of life where the sun seems to have set. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever get it right again— or even if you’ll ever get it right at all. Let me assure you, if you are trusting in the Lord, He will direct your steps and show you which path to take (Proverbs 3:5–6). He will also direct your stops!

Maybe you are in a “stop” right now. You’re not alone. God is there, and through His Holy Spirit, He will comfort and guide you. Just keep your eyes on Him and His promises, regardless of your situation. When you do, He will flood you with peace and joy and enable you to move forward into the perfect plan He has designed for you.

Regardless of your past or current circumstances, know that you have a heavenly Father who longs to help you get it right. He isn’t a harsh, distant God who will leave you to struggle. Nor is He a domineering God, just waiting for you to mess up. He is the God of love who delights in every detail of your existence. He is simply waiting for you to give Him permission to order your steps and your stops.

God will never force you to choose His ways, but He will pursue you with His love that never fails.

Bring God into every detail of your life. Spend time talking with Him; share your thoughts and dreams with Him. He is a patient, kind, gentle, creative, and forgiving God, and He is ready to take you on an adventure. Trust Him.