At one time or another, I have carried each of my children—Alida, Andrea, Aurelia, and Alessandro—on my shoulders as I’ve walked across the wire. It took care and precision to get them safely across, but the children weren’t responsible for that. I was. It was completely my responsibility to balance and support them.

Wide-eyed, people would ask them, “Weren’t you scared?”

“No,” they’d say.

Inevitably, the next question was, “Why not?!”

And the answer always came, “Because that’s my father!”

My children were confident that I had personally set up the rigging and taken care of every detail to be sure they would be safe. They knew that I loved them, and I wouldn’t let anything happen to them as we crossed the wire.

Everything I know about my heavenly Father induces the same level of trust from me. I know that He loves me, and He will carry me safely across the chasm of life until I meet Him face to face.  †