Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” But that doesn’t mean raising children is an easy task. It is a wonderful yet demanding thing to be a parent. I know—I have four adult children. Each of them has different personality traits, as well as unique gifts and skills. And each has challenged me in different ways. 

I love my children unconditionally. Even when I knew they were making unhealthy choices, I still reached out in love to give them godly advice because of the grace God has extended to me. Of course, that was easier when my children were babies and toddlers; I had so much control over their young lives. As they matured, I found myself having to release my tight hold. I had to allow my kids to make their own decisions in this world. And that wasn’t easy. 

As I continued to follow Christ and my own faith grew, I wanted my children to find the unconditional love of God that would lead them into their own personal relationship with Him. So even while they were very young, I poured the Word of God into my kids. When they needed direction, I pointed them to His truth. I asked God to give each of them a light-bulb moment in which they would realize that the Creator of the universe loves them unreservedly. I wanted them to know that no matter what they had done or might do, if they turned to Him, He would help them overcome the destructive things that held them captive. 

That simple realization changes everything, and I wanted them to know it. 

I’ve learned so many things as a mother over the years, and many of them—much about myself—I’ve learned from my children. They taught me that I needed patience. So much patience. They taught me that I must extend to my children the same grace that my heavenly Father extends to me. They taught me I wasn’t perfect. 

There aren’t any perfect parents or any perfect children on this planet. Our heavenly Father, who is perfect in all His ways, knows this, and He offers us help. He has promised that when we give His Son, Jesus Christ, His rightful place in our lives, we will miss the pitfalls along the way. 

It’s tempting as a parent to want to speak our minds to our children when they are going down a wrong path. But here’s the thing: our words can either build up or tear down. We must be careful with what we say, when we say it, and how we say it. We must pay attention to our words, and we must know that, sometimes, it’s best not to say anything. 

But our silence doesn’t signify that we are doing nothing. When we pray God’s Word over our children, we are doing much. Praying for them in this way releases God’s power to target the destructive forces of hell that seek to destroy, distract, and divert them from God’s way. Psalm 103:20 says, “Praise the Lord, you his angels, you mighty ones who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands.” 

When you and I come into agreement with God’s Word for our children, then His mighty warrior angels are released to do battle on their behalf. This is so powerful. Our words, our prayers, can ensure victory, both in our own lives and those of our children. And when we speak God’s powerful, sin-killing, devil-defeating, life-giving words, they take us to a new level of joy and purpose. We can find rest in our Savior, knowing He is in control and that He loves our kids more than we do. 

Are you facing a difficult season with your child or another loved one? Does the situation you or they are facing seem impossible? Pray. Speak God’s Word over them and their situation. Pray for their salvation. Pray for them to know and receive the unconditional love of Jesus. Pray that they would find an intimate relationship with Him. 

You may feel powerless, but you aren’t. There is tremendous power in prayer. It’s your secret weapon. There is no situation or person that is out of prayer’s reach. Regardless of your current challenges, God’s love will keep you strong, and it will protect, provide for, and guide your children. Don’t ever quit or lose hope. Our heavenly Father is faithful.