I don’t remember where the question came from, but it’s one that I return to often. In fact, I keep a reminder of it on my workspace, and as it catches my eye throughout the day, I ask myself: What do I know to be true about God today? Some days, I struggle to find adequate words, but other days the answer is immediate, reassuring, even convicting. It’s an answer that’s different every time I ask the question, because I’m looking to somehow quantify the ever-changing relevance of a never-changing God.

So—what do I know to be true about God today? On its face, it’s a simple question. I know all kinds of truths about God—I find them in His Word; I find them in His dealings with me. But when I look deeper at this question, it can touch my heart. It can draw me closer to Him, because the well of truths that I know about Him is deep. It contains living water. It changes to fit my needs.

When I’m struggling to feel worthy, I know that He loves me, no matter what.

When I’m worried about the future, I know that He holds my life, the world, time, the very essence of existence, in His infinitely capable hands.

When I’m happy, I know He rejoices with me. When I’m sad, I know He cares.

When I’ve strayed from His path, I know He pursues me even as I walk away.

When I stubbornly insist on doing things my way, I know He’ll gently correct me.

He is love. He is strength. He is patience. He is truth. He is wisdom. He is my provision. He is my source of life. He is my refuge, my hiding place. He is my redeemer. He is my Savior. He is my God.

What more do I need?