We’ve all found ourselves down at various seasons of our lives, and for varied reasons. But downtime never has to be wasted time. It can be a life-changing and fruitful experience, if we let it. Don’t just survive your downtime—thrive. Here’s how:

  • Reflect. Think about your life. Is it how you envisioned it? Are you holding on to regrets or bitterness? Let it come to the surface and, with God’s help, deal with it. Discover His plan for your life. These revelations are for your good.
  • Draw close to God. View downtime as a gift of time from God to know Him in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise. Use your time to read His Word, listen to His Spirit, and fellowship with other believers. Learn to trust Him.
  • Prepare. Anticipate the obstacles you may face and develop a plan to deal with them. Having a plan keeps you from falling right back into old patterns or being overwhelmed with hopelessness when you meet new challenges.
  • Identify new passions. Push yourself to experiment with new ideas that challenge your comfort zone. Learn a new language; pick up a paintbrush. In my downtime, I discovered I had a passion for art. I painted over 400 pieces in prison.
  • Be thankful. Find joy in the little things. A grateful heart can’t be kept down. I keep a gratitude list, a practice I learned during my incarceration that I continue to this day.
  • Help others. Take your eyes off your trials and invest in the lives of others. That’s where you will find joy, peace, and purpose.
  • Enjoy Today. Look for the beauty and blessings of the day. In your longing for tomorrow, don’t miss the good things in front of you now.

COVID-19 has put the entire world into a season of downtime. Instead of being afraid, use this time to discover what’s really important. Draw close to God and the ones you love. Don’t let the real things of life pass you by.