Intimacy. What is it? How can we be truly intimate with God and what does that look like? Psalms is a great place to dive into and learn about finding true intimacy with God. Believe it or not, when you surrender your life to Jesus, your work isn’t finished. In fact, it’s just begun. To discover intimacy, you have to put in the work. God wants to know you deeply – and He does. But there must be some effort on your part to make it a two-sided relationship and discover intimacy with the Lord. 

The truth is, intimacy with God sets us free. When we let him see, we are free. There is no freer feeling than letting God know every part of your heart – so why do we run from it? When we invite God in to our hearts and minds, we open the door to a truly intimate relationship with Him. Learning from Psalms, here are three truths about intimacy with God: 

Our Idols Keep Us From Being Intimate With God

When we hear the word “idol” our minds often go to a bad place. In reality, idols are anything we elevate above God, even good things. Things like your relationship with your spouse, work, and even your ministry can be an idol if it stands in the way of your relationship with God. Asking God to search our hearts, minds, motives, and emotions, He can identify any idols we may have and help us get rid of them.

We Put Up Walls to Keep God Out

One reason we don’t grow deeper in intimacy with the Lord is because we consciously and subconsciously put up walls. We guard our hearts and our minds in fear that our loving Father will love us any less. The good news is, He knows us better than anyone and He loves us more than anyone When we let our walls down and let God in, beautiful things can happen. 

Our Emotions Can Affect Us Physically

Studies show that around 85% of our physical pain can actually stem from emotional pain. Anxiety, fear, and stress can weigh on us so heavily that it starts to affect our bodies. If you’re experiencing physical pain, ask God to search you and know you. When we lay these at the feet of Jesus, we grow even closer to Him. Over time, He’ll reveal more and more of Himself to us as we trust Him more. 

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