As followers of Jesus, we’re promised a fulfilling relationship with our Lord and Savior, eternal life, and so much more. What we’re not promised is an easy path getting there. Luckily, God’s purpose for us is bigger than any plan we could imagine. As Christians, we cannot afford to get bogged down in the storms of life. 

When we find ourselves in the midst of a storm, it’s easy to be shortsighted. Our days and weeks – sometimes even months and years – may be filled with rocky weather. Standing on a firm foundation of faith, we know there’s a rainbow at the end of every storm. If we take a step back, we find that opportunity is also in the forecast. Here are five things we can do as Christians to draw closer to God during life’s storms:


Ah, forgiveness. Always easier said than done, right? The truth is, we often find ourselves in storms that are no fault of our own. When tough times fall on you because of someone else’s actions, it can be even harder to keep your head up high. Practicing forgiveness keeps us afloat in the inevitable storms we weather in life. 

Give Thanks

In every season and circumstance, we must give thanks. We learn in Acts 27 and 28 that Paul’s life was marked by a theme of thanksgiving – a great example for all Christians. When we stop and give thanks in the midst of chaos, we’re reminded of God’s goodness and see life through a new lens. 

Help and Serve Others

Some of life’s storms are so big that they tend to consume us completely. Aside from a bad case of tunnel vision, getting stuck in the middle of a storm can leave us with a negative and irritable mindset. Taking time, even if it’s just a small part of your day, to help and serve others will leave you in a better place and even take your mind off the troubles of your own life. 

Shake it Off

The best course of action sometimes is just to shake it off. When you don’t let the storm bog you down, you claim victory over the enemy! Every rejection is a redirection and every obstacle is another lesson learned. By shaking things off, you can keep the faith and press on toward the ultimate prize. 

Embrace the Journey

Whatever you do, don’t wish away or rush your journey just to get to the other side. In the eye of a storm, character is built and lessons are learned. God would not take you through a storm if He didn’t intend for you to learn something in it. Embracing God’s plan for you – in the good times and the bad – is what life is all about. 

By practicing these five things during life’s storms, we can step into victory with Jesus Christ. Learn more about the mission of Victorious Living here.