Prison Ministry in Texas

We deliver hope behind bars in facilities across Texas. Through our prison outreach in Texas and the stories in Victorious Living Magazine, incarcerated men and women are shown the grace of God!

Our magazine service is free, and we also provide podcasts, digital resources, and prison outreach events.

We serve the highlighted federal prisons in Texas:

Bastrop FCI


Beaumont Low

Beaumont Medium

Big Spring FCI

Bryan FPC

Carswell FMC

Fort Worth FMC

Houston FDC

La Tuna FCI

Seagoville FCI

Texarkana FCI

Three Rivers FCI

We serve the highlighted state prisons in Texas:

Allred Unit
Beto Unit
Boyd Unit
Byrd Unit
Clemens Unit
Clements Unit
Cleveland Correctional Center
Coffield Unit
Cole Unit (Buster Cole State Jail)
Connally Unit
Cotulla Unit
Crain Unit
Dalhart Unit
Daniel Unit
Darrington Unit
Diboll Correctional Center
Dominguez State Jail
Duncan Geriatric Facility
East Texas Treatment Multi-Use Facility
Eastham Unit
Ellis Unit
Estelle Unit
Estes Unit
Ferguson Unit
Formby State Jail
Fort Stockton Transfer Facility
Garza East Transfer Facility
Garza West Transfer Facility
Gist State Jail
Glossbrenner Unit
Goodman Transfer Facility
Goree Unit
Gurney Transfer Facility
Halbert Unit
Hamilton Unit

Bradshaw State Jail
Havins Unit
Henley State Jail
Hightower Unit
Hilltop Unit
Hobby Unit
Hodge Unit
Holliday Transfer Facility
Hospital Galveston
Hughes Unit
Huntsville Unit
Hutchins State Jail
Jester I
Jester III
Jester IV
Johnston Unit
Jordan Unit
Kegans State Jail
Kyle Correctional Center
LeBlanc Pre-Release Unit
Lewis Prison Unit
Lindsey State Jail
Lockhart Correctional Facility
Lopez State Jail
Luther Unit
Lychner State Jail
Lynaugh Unit
Marlin Transfer Facility
McConnell Unit
Michael Unit
Middleton Unit
Montford Psychiatric Facility
Moore, B. Correctional Center
Moore, C. Transfer Facility
Mountain View Unit
Murray Unit

Bridgeport Correctional Center
Briscoe Unit
Neal Unit
Ney State Jail
Pack Unit
Plane State Jail
Polunsky Unit
Powledge Unit
Ramsey Unit
Roach Unit
Robertson Unit
Rudd Transfer Facility
Sanchez State Jail
San Saba Transfer Facility
Sayle Unit
Scott Unit
Segovia Unit
Skyview Psychiatric Unit
Smith Unit
Stevenson Unit
Stiles Unit
Stringfellow Unit
Telford Unit
Terrell Unit
Torres Unit
Travis County State Jail
Tulia Transfer Facility
Vance Unit
Wallace Unit
Ware Transfer Facility
Wheeler State Jail
Willacy County State Jail
Woodman State Jail
Wynne Unit
Young Medical Facility

We serve the highlighted private prisons in Texas:

Billy Moore Correctional Center
Bartlett State Jail
Bridgeport Correctional Center
Cleveland Correctional Center
Diboll Correctional Center
East Texas Treatment Facility
Kyle Correctional Facility
Lockhart Correctional Facility
Sanders Estes Unit
Bradshaw State Jail
Giles W. Dalby
Lindsey State Jail
Avalon – Austin Transitional Center (Del Valle, TX)
Avalon – Corpus Christi Transitional Center (Corpus Christi, TX)
Avalon – Dallas Transitional Center (Dallas, TX)
Avalon – El Paso Multi-Use Facility (El Paso, TX

Avalon – El Paso Transitional Center (El Paso, TX
Avalon – Fort Worth Transitional Center (Fort Worth, TX
Eden Detention Center
Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility (Bridgeport, TX
Houston Processing Center (Houston, TX
Laredo Processing Center (Laredo, TX)
South Texas Family Residential Center (Dilley, TX)
T. Don Hutto Residential Center (Taylor, TX)
Webb County Detention Center (Laredo, TX)
Avalon – Austin Residential Reentry Center (Del Valle, TX)
Central Texas Detention Facility

Coastal Bend Detention Center
Rio Grande Detention Center
Brooks County Detention Center
East Hidalgo Detention Center
Flightline Correctional Center
Karnes County Residential Center
Montgomery Processing Center
Liberty County Jail
Reeves County Detention Complex (R3)
Eagle Pass Correctional Facility
Val Verde Correctional Facility
Kinney County Detention Center
Ector County Correctional Center
South Texas ICE Processing Center

Join us in getting VL into every prison in the nation.

The facilities that are not highlighted above are currently not receiving Victorious Living Magazine! Prayerfully consider supporting us as we grow our prison ministry in Texas. Your gift will deliver hope behind bars!


If your loved one is incarcerated, please check out our Family Resources or contact our Partner Care Director, Pat Avery at for prayer support and helpful information for your family.