Prison Ministry in Wyoming

Do you feel called to serve “the least of these”? Victorious Living is a prison outreach that encourages hearts and equips minds right here in Wyoming. Copies of VL are distributed to prison systems throughout the state, filled to the brim with stories of God’s sovereignty. In addition to this free magazine service, we also offer digital resources, prison outreach events, and engaging podcasts.

We serve the highlighted state prisons in Wyoming

Wyoming State Penitentiary
Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp
Wyoming Honor Farm
Wyoming Women’s Center
Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution

We are not currently serving this private prison in Wyoming. DONATE NOW so we can deliver hope behind bars.

Avalon – Cheyenne Transitional Center

Join us in getting VL into every prison in the nation.

Since 2013, VL has helped over 1 million incarcerated persons experience God’s word in a personal way. Each edition invites readers into fellowship with personal subscriptions and thoughtful responses to those who write back. If God has placed prison ministry in Wyoming on your heart, VL is a great way to make a direct impact. Currently, it costs $500 to distribute VL in a facility for one year. Consider joining us in our mission to deliver hope to every prison and give today!


If you know an incarcerated person who could benefit from a prison outreach program like VL, visit our Family Resources Page for insightful information on how to get involved. We’d love to pray for you and your loved ones, too! Contact our Partner Care Director, Pat Avery, at to be individually prayed for.